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    February 24, 2008



    Great post! My self and my husband are both native West Virginians and have lived our entire professional lives in WV. We love living here - the beauty is factored highly in our "quality of life" but the taxes and idiots in Charleston frustrate the heck out of us. We have talked long and hard about moving to Virginia. Similar land forms and beauty but a heck of alot more to offer in the way of culture, opportunities for enrichment, better supported schools and teachers. I wish that WV could take some lessons there.

    Mick Staton

    My actions would be:

    1. Encourage, not discourage, growth in our border counties. We need the people and jobs. If West Virginia remains stagnant in growth, we will lose another Congressional District seat. We should not be content to have the Eastern Panhandle become the next retirement community for Northern VA, DC and Maryland. We must stop the anti-growth movement.

    2. Resist the lure of more gambling. This is a false hope for consistent revenue for the State and is detrimental to both our citizens and our image. We need reasonable ways and means acts that do not stifle growth or carry a social cost.

    3. Enact meaningful reforms in the electoral process where we elect the House from single member districts, do away with straight ticket voting and apportion without regard to political lines.

    4. Control spending and keep taxes low. There is always the urge for legislators to raid the treasury to engage in legalized "vote buying." If earmarking is wrong on the National level, it is equally wrong on the State level.

    Russell Sobel

    Our WVU graduates MOVE to where good jobs are. It will be no different when and if we get the good jobs here. Virginia Tech students will be coming into WV because of our great jobs! Let's not put the cart before the horse. Labor is mobile and it searches out good employment opportunities. Creating jobs comes first....and the way to do that is through creating a more favorable climate for capital investment in WV.

    Stephen E.

    The question is not one of 'growth', but rather, of smart growth.

    Look at Berkeley County for instance. While it has experienced tremendous growth over the past 20 years, what type of growth has it been?
    Obviously, it has become a bedroom community for the ever expanding
    Metro area, and now with the housing downturn, we see exactly that.
    The County officials have spent with the notion that no downturn was in sight, and now find themselves scratching their collective heads looking for ways to make budget.

    Is the answer more developments or more jobs ? I know where I come down.
    Remind me if you will.... What was the last major corporation to move to Berkeley County ????
    Dan Ryan comes to mind, but who needs or wants more of that ???
    We've enough empty 'McMansions' sitting on what was once good farm or orchard land.

    West Virginia needs to do away with the business franchise tax.
    West Virginia has one of the highest, if not the highest franchise tax rates going.
    Another tax that needs adjusting is the business equity tax.
    Capital formation is essential to a businesses operational health.
    And, as anyone should know, an 'unhealthy business' isn't going to employ as many workers as a 'healthy' business.

    Likewise, cutting taxes on investments will almost certainly lead to more investment.

    The formula has been applied since John Kennedy was in office, and has shown itself to be true time and time again.
    Did the Federal tax cuts in 2002 reduce the income to the Federal Treasury? Of course not!
    Money has poured into the federal treasury, not declined !
    The problem has been with out of control spending, not income.

    A working formula requires both.

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